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Woman almost dies after unborn baby kicks a hole in her womb

An unborn baby kicked so hard it tore a hole in her mom’s womb, nearly killing them both. The woman, known only as Zhang, was just 35 weeks pregnant, but doctors at the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in China had to act quickly after she arrived at the hospital with stomach pains. The mom was […]

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Flint water crisis affects children’s health

Lee-Anne Walters’ twin 5-year-old boys don’t talk like other boys their age. They also can’t remember their colors and their ABCs. (CNN) “They both have hand-eye coordination issues,” Walters tells CNN. “Gavin’s not growing properly. He’s 39 pounds and almost six years old. People don’t realize that they’re twins anymore.” It’s been two years since […]

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Handling It

The hours between 4:30pm and 7:45pm are referred to as “The Evening Madness” in my house. Step children being picked up, hubby running to the store last minute, making dinner, bath time, picking up, bed time and in the midst of it all the dog wont stop barking. I know I’m not alone in the […]

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Comfy Pants Marriage

Marriage after children is not glamorous. It gets holes like your comfy pants do from your rubbing legs, the bottoms get tattered from forgetting to roll them up. You get stains from fights that go unsettled because you’re both so tired and at the end of it, you let go of the argument because the […]

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My Tribe

They say it takes a tribe to raise a child. You know what? They’re right. I wouldn’t know what I would do without the amazing group of women I call my mom friends. Thanks to modern technology some of these amazing women are halfway around the world. While I haven’t met them in real life, […]