15 Tweets From Husbands About Living With A Pregnant Wife

Luckily, many fathers-to-be have taken to Twitter to share some jokes about life with a pregnant person. Not only are these Tweets hilarious, they’re also a handy introduction to a challenging time.

And hey, since nothing really can prepare you for getting pregnant, a list of Tweets is just as good as anything, no? Good luck and godspeed.

1. There’s Never A Dull Moment. Literally.

2. Your Problems Seem A Lot Less Important

3. It’s Best Not To Question Things

4. Learn The Nuances Of Her Moods. It Just Might Save Your Life

5. Just Forget Your Home Even Has A Thermostat

6. You Are Always On Call. Always.

7. Your Place In The Pecking Order Will Be Very Clear

8. You Wouldn’t Get Between A Mama Bear And Her Cub, Either