A Guy’s Story Of Finding His Birth Mother Has The Happy Ending It Deserves

There are so many stories out there that are total bummers, so one Reddit user’s wildly joyful account of finding his birth mom is the perfect antidote to negative news. KungPowKarma, real name Justin, shared his story with the world because he wants everyone to know that looking for your place in the world is worth it.

Justin wrote that he’s 26-years-old, and has a wonderful adopted mom. She always told him that his biological mother wanted to keep him, but circumstances didn’t allow her to raise a child at the time of his birth. He’s felt lucky to have such a great parent, but he’s always wondered about his birth mother, and has been trying to find her for years. All he knew was that she was the daughter of a pastor and her name. However, her name was very common—he calls her Lisa Jones in the post as a stand-in.

“I sent many messages asking many suspect Lisa Jones over the years if they had a son who they gave up for adoption in 1992, and I received many ‘I’m sorry but no’s,” he wrote.

Then one day, Justin’s adopted mother sent him a post about a pastor who lived an hour or so away from where Justin was born. He did some research, and found the pastor’s obit. The pastor had died just three weeks earlier, leaving behind several children, one of whom was a Lisa Jones. He searched for the pastor on Facebook, found his widow, searched her friends, and located the woman with his birth mother’s name:

I looked through her photos and immediately saw my own features in her face and I cried. I immediately messaged her.

It took a few days for her to reply because Facebook messenger is weird if you aren’t friends with the person.

I sent that message that I had sent so many times to so many people out one last time.

Here’s what she replied:

Justin found his mother that day, but he also discovered she was still with his biological dad, and they had two daughters who were 16 and 19. Instant family.

He decided to go meet them all, accompanied by his adopted mom and girlfriend, though he walked to the door meet them by himself.

And he’s right: he and his birth mom look totally alike.

Now, Justin is encouraging people to take the leap and reach out to their birth families if they can. It might end in disappointment, but it also might end with finding your place in the world.

User TheSeaIsCalling wrote that they were in a similar position to Justin before he found his birth family, saying, “Wow. I have tears in my eyes…I’m also adopted and I have no idea who my father is. Reading this is the closest thing to experiencing what it’s like to meeting my father. I’m truly happy for you. You’re one of the lucky ones.”

Justin replied, “I highly implore you to do everything you can to find him. There could be an absolute world of happiness out there just waiting to be found by you. I absolutely wish the best of luck to you!”

Jason’s story did work out for the best, and there was no guarantee it would. But there’s never really any guarantee that reaching out will end how you want—that’s why it’s so brave to try.