25 Gifts To Get Newlyweds When The Stuff Left On Their Registry Is Too Expensive

When you’re invited to a wedding, the first thing that pops into your mind is usually–”Damn, how am I going to afford a gift?” While we all love going to weddings because it’s great food, an open bar, and usually a pretty great night–wedding gifts tend to be hella pricey.

Luckily, there are some unique and thoughtful gifts you can get for your friends that won’t necessarily break the bank. Plus, they’re so awesome that they’ll remember that you’re the one who got it.

25. These wine bottle covers to celebrate the special moments as a couple.

Glowing Review: 

This is the perfect wedding gift…especially for a wine-loving couple!!! Documenting “firsts” is something a lot of my friends do, so why not celebrate a first anniversary, getting over an argument or a new baby with a bottle of wine!! I can’t wait to pick out some great wines and put these wraps over the bottles to give to them as a gift! SUPER quick shipping…great quality product…and a creative, different gift that the couple will remember!

Get it on Amazon for $17.95.

24. These cute “his and her” coffee mugs that aren’t “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Right.”

Glowing Review: 

I bought these mugs for my best friend who’s getting married soon. Her and her fiance tell me all the time how much they love them and use them all the time. They’re so cute and were the perfect gift for them!!

Get them on Amazon for $19.95.

23. These personalized coasters for their new home.

Glowing Review:

These arrived INCREDIBLY fast!!! They were exactly as we anticipated them being. They will make an excellent gift for our dear sweet friends who just got married, have a baby on the way, and just purchased their first home! We are so excited about these! They are made perfectly, and are sturdy. We are so excited to be gifting these to our friends on Saturday! Thank you for the amazing customization, fast shipping, and awesome customer service! We will order from y’all again!!!

Get them on Amazon for $35.99.

22. This newlywed cookbook so they can make dinner instead of ordering in every night.

Glowing Review: 

I LOVE this cookbook. I bought it for a wedding gift and as I was looking through it I found so many delicious recipes that I plan to try myself. Many times I find cookbooks with recipes with ingredients that I would never buy, but this book contains recipes that most normal people would want to eat.

Get it on Amazon for $18.78.

21. Their very first Christmas ornament as a married couple that can be personalized with their names.

Glowing Review:

Bought as a wedding gift. The bride loved it.

Get it on Amazon for $18.95.

20. An adventure book that can hold all of their traveling photos/memories from big events in the couples life.

Glowing Review:

I got this for my husband for our 3 year anniversary gift. The quality of it is great and it comes in a nice cloth cover. It was bigger than i had expected which was great! The pages are thick and good quality. It came with sticker pic holders as well as little post cards (UP related) It really is super cute and I am gathering together pictures of the past 3 years of our lives to put in as well as many more to come. Each year i will add in more pics. Thank you, what a great scrapbook this is!

Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

19. This backpack that has everything a couple needs for a picnic and stores easily.

Glowing Review:

I purchased this as a wedding gift. Got the front flap and blanket monogrammed, which turned out beautifully. The blanket is lined with a slick, waterproof bottom so the blanket doesn’t get dirty or wet easily. Everything came just as expected. And the bride and groom loved their gift! Thank you!!

Get it on Amazon for $59.99.

18. This engraved cutting board with couple’s last name and wedding date.

Glowing Review:

Came quick and was just as described. Purchased as a wedding gift. My ex husbands new wife said she loved it and uses it for cheese and wine night.

Get it on Amazon for $30.00.

17. This collage photo frame with romantic saying perfect for any room in the couple’s new home.

Glowing Review:

Bought this as a wedding gift for a friend. I printed some of their couple pictures and put them in the frames. They loved it and immediately put it up in their home.

Get it on Amazon for $28.95.

16. This tying the knot picture frame for the couple to frame their favorite wedding photo.

Glowing Review:

Lovely. I gave it as a wedding gift to a friend who had recently “tied the knot.” She loved it! Very off-beat, not overly romantic, but charming picture frame.

Get it on Amazon for $15.00.