Groom’s Story About How Chugging A Beer Saved His Wedding Is Hilariously Romantic

Every bride dreams that her wedding day will be absolutely perfect.
That’s why we torture ourselves with months and months of planning just one day. Of course, it happens that no matter how much we plan, things can always go wrong. One groom shared the story of how his wedding day could have taken a horrible turn on Twitter if it weren’t for his frat-bro skills at chugging beers. @BradCole started off by introducing us to what could have been his future-wife’s worst nightmare–but instead, turned into a hilarious story to tell their grandkids.

Clearly, loud music on your wedding day isn’t a great sign.

Can you imagine walking down the aisle to “Get Low?”

What a guy.

Great move by the photographer–BTW.

Typical college bros.

Of course.


What a nice group of kids.

And, way to pay it forward, Brad.

Side note–Cassie’s photos came out amazing.

Let’s see a close-up.

And, instead of making his “going viral” experience about himself–Brad posted his wedding registry in case you love this story so much that you want to celebrate by buying him and his wife a little present.