Husband’s Viral Post Calling Out Low Teacher Salaries Has Facebook Divided

When it comes to career choices, being a teacher is one of the most selfless positions a person can choose. However, while dedicating your life to shaping other people’s lives is incredibly giving, teachers tend to make far less than other professionals.

Whether you loved school or hated school, there are always those select teachers who helped shape your adolescence and who taught you things that you will carry with you forever. So, why do they make such crappy salaries? Apparently, many people believe that teachers have such low salaries because they only work 10/12 months a year–having summers off. But, James W. Deming wasn’t satisfied with that excuse. In fact, he decided to argue that it’s a pretty outrageous excuse for paying teachers such poor wages.

Deming, whose wife is a teacher, broke down salaries between teachers and white-collar professionals in Tusla, where he and his wife reside. To make it even and “fair,” Deming took out two months of the year on the white-collar professional side of the board and found that these individuals would still make almost $15,000 more a year than teachers.

Additionally, Deming broke down how little teachers get in health care and insurance compared to white-collar professionals. He also compared sick days, paid leave/vacation, and how much it costs out-of-pocket to finance each position (obviously, with teacher expenses being much higher).

But they get the summers off! A comparison of a Tulsa teacher’s salary to other Oklahoma working professionals.Check out the follow up at the following link:

Posted by James W. Deming on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

As it turns out, many supported Deming’s view on the subject. Over 3 million people on Facebook viewed the video, and many commented in complete agreement.


Others agreed somewhat with Deming’s stance but said that many other professions are underpaid as well.

One person said that Deming’s information seemed a bit biased and inaccurate.

After many people shared the video on Facebook, commenters were complaining and saying that there are “other selfless career choices that are underpaid as well,” like police officers and nurses. So, Deming decided to create another video comparing teacher’s salaries to both police officers and nurses.

NEW VIDEO – PART 2Teachers deserve more than money, they deserve respect. Like a Police Officer, or a Nurse. More comments about that, and those mysterious summers off.Part 2 of “But they get the summers off” If you'd like to see Part 1: for those of you asking about my yellow shirt – we keep bees as a hobby. You can follow that journey at

Posted by James W. Deming on Thursday, March 8, 2018

After this video, more people were in support of Deming and his views.

And yet, some people claimed that Deming should speak for all people and positions who are underpaid, not just teachers. Others questioned the way Deming broke down the “10-month work schedule.”

All in all, teachers typically do make less than other professionals. Additionally, teachers tend to spend more out-of-pocket to provide supplies for their students and buy things necessary for a productive learning environment. Plus, under Trump’s new tax plan, teachers are limited to how much they can “write off” on their tax returns for these out-of-pocket expenses. At the end of the day, they’re losing more money by being better teachers. It’s time we finally start paying teachers the salaries they deserve.