20+ Insanely Hot Doctors You Should Be Stalking On Instagram

There’s something to be said about a man who is smart and sexy, and that something is…oh, sorry, I got distracted staring at these GORGEOUS MEN. Gorgeous men who SAVE LIVES. Men who take great pains to prescribe relief, who are quick to have a heart to heart, who would probably give me a lobotomy just to stop me from making doctor puns…

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. These doctor zaddies will give you heart palpitations, sweaty palms, and maybe even nervous hives…which is great, because it gives you a reason to see them. Without further ado…

25. ?Oh, Doctor, doctor, can’t you see I’m burning, burning?

New week. You got this????

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24. ?Oh, Doctor, doctor, is this love I’m feeling??

23. This doc is so hot, he doesn’t even have to warm his stethoscope up for me:

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give and it’s how much love we put into what we give that matters…” ———————————————————————— Monday checklist: ?Spiritual and Personal cares ?Dissertation project on Quality Improvement in Health Service Standards (Submission 4 for my AQF level 9) ?Work! ?Night gym session What will your Monday look like? ———————————————————————— #cardiovascular #criticalcare #surgical #medstudent #gradschoollife #fitdoctor #fitrn #murse #fitmedic #fitnurses #scrublife #scrubs #wecare #masters #doctorate #dissertation #musclecrushmonday #blackskillingit #fitdoctorsofinsta #fitnursesofig

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22. THIS one can diagnose me aaaanytime he wants.

O TᖇᗩᗷᗩᒪᕼO ᗪIGᑎIᖴIᑕᗩ O ᕼOᗰEᗰ!!! ?

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21. Come to think of it, I’m starting to feel a little (love)sick…

20. Palms are sweating…

19. Puked up mom’s spaghetti…

??‍⚕️Let’s talk bone health. ? Our bones are essential for our ability to move and function, so obviously we need to take good care of them. There are a few things you can do to maintain good bone health: 1⃣Calcium – ensure your daily intake is at least 1000-1300 mg/day. You can do this by eating the following calcium rich foods: milk, kale, sardines (with bones), broccoli, almonds. You may also want to consider adding a calcium supplement to ensure you meet you daily intake goals. 2⃣Vitamin D – Most people are deficient and have no idea. This is especially true if you live in a region of that world that does not get high amounts of sun year round. Most doctors recommend supplementing with at least 1000 IUs per day. In addition to helping with bone health, vitamin D has countless other functions in the body that are beneficial. 3⃣Exercise – You bones respond to forces exerted on them. Exercise stimulates your bones to grow stronger and lay down a solid, rigid, and resilient bone matrix. Is there anything exercise does not help with? 4⃣Avoid: smoking and alcohol. Both smoking and alcohol use contribute to weak and brittle bones. While some alcohol is ok in moderation, smoking is one of the most preventable causes of poor health in our society. 5⃣Medications: certain types of medications such as corticosteroids can contribute to bone breakdown. If you are on any medications long term be sure to ask your doctor about any potential impact they have have on your bone health. You may need to undergo early screening for bone diseases like osteoporosis. ▶Like most things, bone health is all about prevention. Start now, you don’t want to wait until you have bone disease to make positive lifestyle changes. ❓Do you have any questions about bone health? Comment below. . . . . #fitdoc #fitnessdoc #fitdoctor #healthtips #healthyliving #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #md #doctor #instadoc #instafit #nutrition #diet #health #medicine #prevention #livelong #bone #bonehealth

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18. But seriously. Are hives normal?

17. ?Doctor Doctor, gimme the news ?

??‍⚕️Enfrentando a realidade da saúde pública diariamente enfrentamos o que idealizamos de nossos sonhos: Não faltam médicos, todos os meus colegas de profissão tem muita sede de trabalho no país que mais forma médicos no mundo! Não falta equipe: profissionais de diversas áreas entregam suas vidas diariamente, horas e até dias a fio, no comprometimento de ajudar e servir as pessoas! Falta um sistema de saúde que de aporte real a população! Os pacientes esperam, ficam chateados, reclamam com os funcionários que não podem fazer nada se não existem condições de trabalho ou atendimento, nem mais hospitais e pagamento para mais profissionais! Partindo dos ASG, seguranças, recepção, equipe de enfermagem, médicos e todos que trabalham comprometidos, meus aplausos e jamais desanimem! Não esqueçam o que os trouxe aqui, não esqueçam de amar cada paciente e cada atendimento. A razão de estarmos aqui é para servir, obrigado ao meu pai pelo ensinamento após meu primeiro dia de aula ??

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16. ?I got a bad case of lovin’ you  ?

In 7th grade I was diagnosed with a paranasal sinus tumor that blocked nearly my entire right sinus pathway rendering my right tear duct inactive and causing a deviated septum. This was a very tough time for my family and I, wondering if I was going to make it out of the surgery alright, and why this had to happen to me. The first surgical option was to break my zygomatic arch, lift up the face, extract the tumor, and plan for reconstructive surgery for years to come. The second option, was to call in a team of experts and do the entire surgery endoscopically. The doctors respected my autonomy and prepared for what was about to the be the first surgery of its kind at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. As a 7th grader I did everything I could to hold it together, but right before the anesthesia was administered I overheard “there is no guarantee.” And I began to break down. The head surgeon, Dr. B, stopped everything and came over to my bed side and reassured me everything was going to be alright. He held my right hand, while my dad held my left, and the anesthesia kicked in. The anesthesiologist’s, otolaryngologists, and medical staff worked around the clock for 7 hours until the procedure was completed. I remember waking up to my family and Dr. B in the room. The doctor put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Derek, the surgery was a success, no cutting necessary, as promised you’re going to be alright” and left the room. It was that day when I woke up, that I found my calling as a medical doctor. At the time, there was no one that could tell me that this situation was going to be a positive thing, but now when I look back, it was a life defining obstacle that makes me who I am today. If it was not for that significant barrier, I would not have the dedication, desire, and compassion towards medicine that I do now. My goal in life is to be the physician that Dr. B was to me, ensuring my patients that all my hard work will allow them to feel confident in putting their life in my hands just as I did when I was a patient, and to be confident in myself to ensure them that everything is going to be okay when they wake up. @Doctorgoals #doctorgoals #medicine

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15. ?No pill’s gonna cure my ill ?

First, do no harm. #2%

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14. *Breathes heavily*

13. *Heavy breathing turns to panting*

12. *Considers a career in the medical field*

11. *Considers falling ill on purpose*

Semana ?? ??

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10. *Googles “how to date a doctor”*

Segundona sempre complicada… ??

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9. *Kisses computer screen*

BOA NOITE! ? #OOTD ✌?? #T?T ??

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8. This doctor can take MY temp any ole time:

7. Who needs WebMD when you’ve got Doctor HOW ARE YOU REAL?

How’s everyone’s #Thursday going?

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6. Doctor, do you need a lesson in the female anatomy?

5. Because we can help you out with that.

4. And you.

First patient physical exam in 10 mins… #imnotready #medschool

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3. Also you.

“Você pode cuidar das pessoas, mas não pode fazer escolhas por elas.” A Medicina que cada vez mais acredito é a da prevenção. E é ela que hoje apresento para os meus pacientes de consultório. Não somos seres criados para envelhecer e ficar doentes. O estar doente, na maioria das vezes, vem de escolhas erradas que fazemos ao longo da vida. Escolher e praticar um estilo de vida saudável é o segredo de se envelhecer com qualidade de vida. Escolha um esporte que goste, faça musculação ( você vai precisar de músculos quando ficar velhinho ), alimente-se bem (comer comida de verdade não tem erro), procure se estressar menos, medite, faça e pense o bem ( a vida é um bumerangue para atitudes e pensamentos ), ame-se, cuide-se!!! #nutrologia #longevidadesaudável #medicinadoesporte

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2. Most definitely you, as well.

1. *Fakes own death*