No Mom Is Safe From The Latest ‘Moving Out’ Prank Sweeping The Internet

Whenever someone decides to play a hilarious prank on their parents and posts it online, it’s only a matter of hours before all kids start doing the same.
For some reason, there’s nothing funnier than seeing our parents flip out over the simplest of things–like when we tell them that we’ve decided we want to live on our own and we’re throwing them out of their own home. Just picture how your parents would react to that. Twitter user Maurice Nelson started the trend off by posting the text thread with his mother. Her reaction–priceless. Clearly, she wasn’t buying this.

But, quickly, people on Twitter were also playing the prank on their own parents and the reactions were not as “great.”

Hector’s mom was blowing up his phone–angry.

His sister was even mad.

Patrick’s mom was hurt.

Maddie’s mom was a petty AF.

This mom was ready to drive up to school and whoop her son.

Rachelle’s mom was ready to let her pay all the bills.

Katy’s dad was in the same boat.

Josie’s mom went buck wild.

Corey’s mom was brutally honest.

This mom was rather supportive.

Oh well, damn.

This mom was on one.

She flipped the switch!

Chandler screwed this one up though.

Aggressive much?


Moms are savages.


Don’t you dare play with ya momma.

If you play this trick on your mom, send us her reaction so we can all laugh together.