13 Pictures You’ll Recognize If Your Mom Was Cheap As Hell

If you happened to grow up with a mom who was thrifty (which is most of us, because honestly, kids are ridiculously expensive and every mother has to cut corners where she can), then these photos will definitely bring back some warm memories.

After all — who among us can look at a basket full of mismatched hotel toiletries and NOT think of our family’s guest bathroom?

13. Seeing disposable cups in your dishwasher.


Because there’s no way in hell your mom wasn’t gonna get more use out of those things.

12. Having a special closet for reused wrapping paper.


Your gifts might look wrinkly, but who has the patience to buy new wrapping paper all the time??

11. Finding your candy from Halloween in your Easter eggs.


I mean, candy is candy, y’all. Zero complaints.

10. Having a dispenser of watered down soap next to the sink.


What? It lasts longer!

9. Your mom using so many coupons that her long receipts could probably wallpaper your house.


Game respect game.

8. Having a surplus of something just because it was on sale.


Hey, only a fool would pass up such a stellar bargain.

7. Your mom washing ziplock baggies so she can use them again.


To be fair, it feels like you never have enough of those things when you need ’em.

6. Having a basket full of pilfered toiletries from hotels.


Um, where do you get YOUR guest shampoo??

5. Having so many samples that you’ve forgotten what actual packaged products look like.


A surplus of samples = livin’ that luxe cheap life.

4. Sneaking candy for the movie in your mom’s purse.


I mean, this is what they get for charging $5 for a soda.

3. Storing leftovers in butter containers.


Hey, why put that perfectly good piece of storage to waste?

2. Or, using butter containers instead of bowls.


I mean, it’s honestly the best way to eat your popcorn.

1. Or even using butter containers as bath toys!


Spoiler alert: kids really can’t tell the difference.

Here’s a standing ovation for all those thrifty moms out there who keep our lives fun and frugal on a daily basis. Save those dollars, y’all!

H/T BuzzFeed