This Kid Tried To ‘Sign’ A Permission Slip For School And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Remember when you were younger and you’d do badly on a test and your parents would have to sign it–or, you wanted to go on a school trip and your parents had to sign a permission slip?
If you’re anything like me, you forget to ask mom or dad to sign it until the day of, and you’re forced to try and figure something out. Usually, I’d have the school call my mom at work (my elementary school principal happened to have my mom’s number on her cork board in her office–don’t ask me why). But, one kid had a stroke of genius and decided to sign the permission slip for himself.

It’s actually the best effort we’ve ever seen–and we’re trying incredibly hard not to laugh. Not only did he write the wrong thing–he wrote it twice.

People on Twitter not only thought it was hilarious, but they shared their own kid’s “best efforts.”

Kids these days–they’re wild.