Woman Thrown In Jail After Slamming Her Dog On The Ground After He Spilled Her Coffee

Animal cruelty and abuse are never, ever okay no matter what happens. One woman is now facing the harsh consequences of being seen abusing her 12-month-old puppy.

Joanne Hosking of St. Ives, Cornwall was filmed by her neighbor after she brutally picked up her Jack Russell and slammed him on the ground. She can be heard screaming at the dog in the video, and after he knocks over her mug of coffee.

Warning: this video contains graphic content and may be hard for some readers to view.

The neighbor reported the incident and Hosking and her husband plead guilty to animal cruelty. Mrs. Hosking was sentenced to serving 18 months behind bars and her husband has to obey a six-week long curfew.

While her husband was not home at the time of the incident, the dog was reported to be limping and in pain, as well as vomiting green mucus. The husband refused to take the dog to the vet. When the dog was finally looked at, doctors observed he has a dislocated hip and needed surgery to remove some of the joint damaged.

The couple was forced to also pay 1,450 pounds and are banned from ever owning a pet again.

h/t iNews.